How To Remove Exploit.poweliks.gen Virus

What Is Exploit.poweliks.gen ?

Exploit.poweliks.gen is a suspicious infection which belongs to trojan background. It is developed to con unsuspecting victims by threatening them and then compelling them to purchase the rouge program. Exploit.poweliks.gen uses a deadly tricks to download or invade some other infection from the web. No matter how protected your computer is, Exploit.poweliks.gen breaks all and simply damage the whole machine. Once activated, people fail to use their saved data. Such infections are produced by cyber culprits the people and make money from them. As an outcome the computer slows down and different program fails to open. Therefore remove Exploit.poweliks.gen as quickly as possible from your PC.

Exploit.poweliks.gen main intention is to record user online activities and gather their confidential information. It also redirected user’s search results to unknown websites and more. Besides that, numerous pop ups and advertisements shown which ask people to update their program. Such false program should never be believed at all. Furthermore, it alters your desktop wallpaper and other system settings as well. Thus, it is necessary to remove Exploit.poweliks.gen to make your computer safe again.

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