How To Uninstall

What Is ? is a browser hijacker which can harm your computer to great extent. It is a fake website that is supported by potential unwanted programs. This browser hijacker can mash up with any kind of browser hijacker present in your computer like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari etc. it can replace your default homepage and web browser setting. After mashing up with your web browser it starts making unwanted programs in the background. These programs consume most of system space and make your system very slow. It decreases the performance and efficiency of your computer.

As soon as enters in your computer it bombards your screen with lots of pop ups, advertisements, dialog boxes and banners. These adverts are almost of no use. This browser hijacker does not let you to make your searches and once you try to make a search, you are redirected to other malicious sites. does not only change the start page but also copy the browser search history and record the cookies, on this account. It tracks your browsing habits and sends report to cyber criminals. Cybercriminal tricks you to use your confidential information on their software and once you use your confidential information on their software your confidential information is leaked. Therefore remove from your computer as soon as possible.

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