How To Remove Thor Virus

What Is Thor Virus?

Thor Virus is a deceptive pop-up warning that can be utilized to reroute you to vicious websites or spread potentially vicious program. It is promoted with the help of the third-party applications without the system owner’s permission. Thor Virus invades many undesired applications onto your system as well which will take the huge system memory and slow down the machine performance. Furthermore, the search provider cannot give you any helpful information which will always show immaterial information as result. It takes up huge resources, noticeably slows down your machine speed and some weird icons are invaded to desktop without user knowledge. Thor Virus infection will alter machine registry settings which enables itself to be activated automatically each time when you begin the compromised machine. This malicious infection can collect your surfing information and transfer to a unknown server for illicit activity.

Thor Virus infection is mainly downloaded and invaded onto your machine through a web browser exploit. Thor Virus infection is capable to implant other infection, malware onto the compromised machine which will further destroy the machine and even drive to machine crash.

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