How To Fix Rich Media Player Infection

What Is Rich Media Player?

rich-media-playerRich Media Player is a latest computer infection detected by general anti-virus on thousands of Windows computer. Rich Media Player is specifically created by cyber criminals to make money. This infection is categorized as adware which comes into computer thru many channels like hacked websites, p2p file sharing, spam emails attachments, dubious websites, free software downloads and others. Technically, Rich Media Player is not a malware, but it performs number of suspicious traits, like as rootkit abilities to hook deep into the Windows OS. This infection is used to boost advertising profit by using balckhat SEO, to increase a website’s page ranking in search results.

Rich Media Player entered on your system after you have launched a freeware program that had bundled with freeware or shareware. This adware or unwanted program is also bundled within the ritual installer on numerous downloads websites like CNET, Softonic or Brothersoft, so if you have downloaded a program from such sites, chances are that Rich Media Player was launched during the installation process. Once activated, it will starts displaying various pop-ups, banner, ads, in-text link advertisements and interstitial. It hijacks almost web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will changes windows registry settings and slows down the computer performance. Thus, it is necessary to remove Rich Media Player from your system as quick as possible.

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