What Is c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe?

C:WINDOWSSECOH-QAD.EXE is a dangerous backdoor Trojan infection that your anti-viral program will warn but will not be capable to bypass it. This Trojan program may download more threat onto a machine, enable a remote hacker to manage your system or do covert spying things. C:WINDOWSSECOH-QAD.EXE infection invade onto computer through external storage gadget like usb, pen drive, memory card, memory stick, watching movies, zip drive, video and so on. Once this infection sneaks onto victim’s computer, it will connect to the web and record as well log your surfing practice. This Trojan virus can show large amount of enormously intrusive pop-up ads that matches your browsing behaviours. It takes your huge computer resources and makes your computer sluggish.

C:WINDOWSSECOH-QAD.EXE infection can deactivate the windows registry of your machine to prevent itself from being hidden, makes windows firewall and other launched security programs completely useless. It snatches your sensitive information, offers to the irrelevant resources for their illicit profit and makes you the victim of identity theft. This infection is also able to replicate itself and it rapidly distributes all over the windows computer damaging all critical files. Thus, it is very necessary that remove C:WINDOWSSECOH-QAD.EXE as soon as possible before it’s too late.

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