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What Is

Nowadays numbers of windows computer gets infected from which are new released redirect virus or potentially unwanted program by cyber criminals. can simply harm any version of Windows OS. It enters in the computer with free software downloads, shareware or hacked websites. Once it settles down in your system, changes web browser settings and divert victims to suspicious websites which shows frequent pop up adverts on your machine. It captures your browsing habits, gathers the privacy and critical data stored in the compromised computer then transfer them to spammers foe their own benefits or profits. This infection decreases the system security so that other vicious malware and spyware could simply get downloaded. It is also commonly known for showing unwanted advertisements and pop ups while browsing and automatically diverts your Yahoo, Google, Bing search results to suspicious websites.

The main purpose of is to make revenue from you and nothing else. It also degrades the performance of your computer by displaying numerous pop up ads. This redirect virus program is really hazardous for your system so that it is strongly recommended that remove as soon as possible.

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