How To Uninstall Genius Box

What Is Genius Box?

Genius Box is a vicious Adware virus that brings a numbers of infectious threats to the compromised computer. This nasty Adware enters into the target system without users’ knowledge and permission and root deep inside the operating system to exploit the machine completely. Upon its successful executing into the machine, its starts working in background to activate its hazardous processes like damage of critical system files and disable security program. When it has successfully got inside target computer, it will put your important information into a great risk. After having this destructive adware virus, your system background and web browser’s homepage and search engine settings automatically get modified without your knowledge. It installs its own codes in the registry to activate automatically when machine starts.

Genius Box infection is so precarious that it loads numerous evil spywares into the machine to wash out the computer memory or make it unbalanced. This infection mainly targets to steal information from infected computer and exposed the data to hackers. If stayed for long time in the computer, as a result your computer get crash or freeze. It also slows down the computer performance and thus, it is important to remove Genius Box immediately upon detection.

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